BLULINK Premium Pool Services

With 50-years’ experience in the business and backed by a range of proprietary pool technologies, we’re the FIRST to offer a tiered selection of services to suit your budget.

Service Options

Silver Service

  • Full water maintenance and chemicals
  • Free pet accident benefit
  • Free delivery of all PET, Pool & Home purchases
  • Complimentary Pool Club membership

From R499 p/m, incl VAT

*Subject to pool size and formal quote on application only.

Gold Service


  • Weekly Pool Cleaning (basket clean; leaf rake and skim; surface brush; backwash)
  • 5 Point Check (pump; suction leaks; cleaner & hoses; timer; valves)

From R599 p/m, incl VAT

*Subject to pool size and formal quote on application only.

Additional repair services offered

  • Pool water “rescue” (you call, we fix)
  • Acid wash
  • Stain removal
  • Filter check, repair & installation
  • Pump check, repair & installation
  • Filter medium change
  • Suction leak detection & repair
  • New timer installations
  • Leaf skimmer installation
  • Pool cleaner supply & installation

Depending on your selection, you can qualify for a range of additional benefits including:

  • FREE DELIVERY of all PET, Pool & Home purchases!
  • COMPLEMENTARY pet accident cover!
  • FREE Pool Club™ membership
  • REGULAR complimentary benefits!

What’s involved in signing up to Blu-link?

  • Contact Us
    • Enquire in person at the service counter in-store at your next visit to our store
    • Email us at
    • Call our front desk at 044 871 0059
    • Contact the Blu-link team directly on 081 878 7646


  • We will arrange to come out and carry out a full assessment of your pool to ensure it is at an appropriate standard:
    • This is necessary and important as we can only agree to care for pools which are within service standard. This would include, but not limited to, a functioning circulation and filtration system, leak-free piping, acceptable pool surface condition, properly serviced filtration media, etc).
    • We charge R150 for the assessment, payable up front. This covers call-out, and time spent. However, if you sign up for either of our service plans after the assessment, we will credit this full amount back against your first month’s service charge (meaning if you sign up the assessment is free!)
    • This assessment is mandatory and allows us to identify and rectify any upfront issues with the pool and ensure that we start off your pool care on the right foot.


  • After the assessment, we will send you a report of our findings:
    • Should it be necessary for certain work to be carried out to bring the pool up to standard, this will have to be carried out prior to us signing you up on a service contract.
    • We can quote for and do this necessary work for you, often on the first service call, or you may do this yourself.


  • Once the pool is at standard, we sign a basic contract defining clearly what we do for you and what you are expected to do (remember we can’t be there to monitor 24/7 so we need you to ensure some basic things)


  • We then set up the payment arrangements (EFT, debit order, credit card – coming soon) and schedule your weekly call arrangements.


  • We sign you up to our Pool Club Loyalty program and issue your new card.


  • We sign you up for the Pet Accident Cover should you have pets and wish to take advantage of this complimentary offer.