Isolated Brown Spots / Marks on Pool Floor

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Possible Cause:

Isolated Spots indicate rust (iron oxide) stains caused by metal items/components left in the same spot for too long.

Can be permanent, but worth a shot at trying to remove/improve. Concentrated pockets of low pH (acid) can help dissolve oxide back into solution. You might want to experiment with this:

  • Align your telescopic pole (any hollow pole long enough) with the stain then pour dry acid granules down the shaft while holding it in place.
  • Wrap a parcel of dry acid granules in a cloth. Tie to the end of your pool pole, then gently rub on stains until they improve/disappear
  • Tie a tightly bound cloth bundle to the end of your pool pole. Dip it in a container of hydrochloric pool acid, then rub repeatedly on stains until they improve/disappear.