Care & Maintenance

Feed your cat high-quality, age appropriate food, twice a day.

Make sure your kitty has access to fresh water at ALL times.

Although, cats live indoors and will often sleep on the bed with you, or nap on any comfy spot, it is important that they have a soft, warm bed of their own. They are often attracted to circular shaped beds, as they follow the contours of their body when they are curled up in slumber. No matter the shape, if the bed is comfy and soft, your kitty will love their own special spot.
Look after your cats’ teeth. It is recommended that you clean their teeth regularly. Do not use regular toothpaste, as this is harmful to cats. Get an animal appropriate toothpaste from your vet or pet store. It is important to start teeth cleaning when your kitten is young, so they can get used to it. If your cat won’t tolerate brushing, talk to your vet about other options such as dental gels which inhibit the growth of bacteria and can be given directly to your cat or mixed into their food. There are also dental chews available for cats.

Although cats are self-groomers and usually very low maintenance, it is essential to brush your cat regularly if they have a long haired coat. Short haired cats will also enjoy a soft brush, as it is a wonderful bonding experience for you and your cat. It also gives you an opportunity to check for any skin or coat irregularities. Brushing your kitty regularly will generally keep them very contented and will assist in reducing hairballs.

Cats love to play. Their hunting instinct will kick in and they will chase anything that moves; toys, ribbons etc. There are a myriad of toys available which will make playtime with you and your kitty a fun and exciting experience. Remember, cats need stimulation and play will provide the stimulus and exercise they need.

A scratching post is essential for your kitty. If you don’t provide your cat with an appropriate surface to scratch his claws on, he will probably do it on your furniture. There are scratching posts that are incorporated into a cat jungle-gyms, which also provide a place for your cat to play and climb. Remember cats like to be elevated, so sitting high on a cat gym is very pleasing to them.
Don’t forget the catnip. Most cats find this herb irresistible. It can be given to them in toys or just sprinkled on a flat surface for them to enjoy.

If your cat makes use of a litter box, make sure that the litter box is big enough for your kitty and it is placed in an area that provides your cat with some privacy and easy access. DO NOT place the litter box next to their food or water and make sure that you clean the litter tray daily. There are many types of litter available, so you may have to experiment until you find one that your cat approves of.

It is essential to visit your veterinarian every year for a check-up and for the cats’ annual vaccinations. Ask your vet about the initial vaccinations needed for kittens.
Cats need to be de-wormed every three to four months of their life. It is also important to regularly use a flea and tick treatment on your cats. Follow the instructions on the product you choose or ask your vet for the recommended treatment.

If your companion is not looking quite right or displays unusual behaviour or symptoms, it is essential to take them to a veterinarian immediately.

We recommend, that as a responsible pet owner, you have your cat spayed or neutered early in its life. Sterilisation can be done as early as eight weeks but it is recommended that it is done before they are five months old. Get advice from your vet. There are so many unwanted and unloved pets in shelters, we must make sure that we do not add to the problem with unwanted kittens. There are also, many medical and behavioural benefits to the spaying and neutering of cats.

You may want to investigate Pet Insurance to help you financially with possible vet bills.

Make sure that your cat is in a safe environment and cannot get out of your yard. Sadly, many pets go missing every year and heart-broken owners never find them. We also recommend that you micro-chip your pets, and keep your details updated with the micro-chip company. Any pet that is found by a vet or shelter will be scanned for a micro-chip. This increases the chances of finding missing pets and bringing them back home.

Above all, cats are all about their relationship with you. They may give an air of aloofness but cats love to be loved, making “purrfect” gentle companions that will love you unconditionally. Treat them well, devote precious time to them and show them love. It will lead to an enriching relationship for you and your beloved kitty.