Dog Routine and Daily Care

Feed your dog high-quality, age and breed-size appropriate food, twice a day.Make sure your pooch has access to fresh water at all times.

Your pet should have a soft warm bed of their own and shelter from the elements, i.e. rain, sunshine and cold. They feel the effects of the weather just like us. If you are hot or cold, so is your pooch.

It is essential to visit your veterinarian every year for a check-up and for the pup’s annual vaccinations. Ask your vet about the initial vaccinations needed for puppies.

Look after your pups’ teeth. It is recommended that you brush their teeth three times a week. Do not use regular toothpaste, as this is harmful to dogs. Get an animal appropriate toothpaste from your vet or pet store.

Groom your pet regularly; appropriately for the breed. Brushing your dog regularly is not only good for their coat; they usually love it and it cements the bond with you and your beloved pet.

If your companion is not looking quite right or displays unusual behaviour or symptoms, it is essential to take them to a veterinarian immediately.

We recommend, that as a responsible pet owner, you have your dog spayed or neutered early in its life. It is traditionally done at six to nine months old, but can be done earlier on the advice of a veterinarian. There are so many unwanted and unloved pets in shelters, we must make sure that we do not add to the problem with unwanted puppies. There are also, many medical and behavioural benefits to the spaying and neutering of dogs.

You may want to investigate Pet Insurance to help you financially with possible vet bills.
Exercise your pup regularly and stimulate them with toys and play. A dog that has enough exercise and stimulation is usually happy, well-adjusted and tends not to be destructive.

Make sure that your dog is in a safe environment and cannot get out of your yard. Sadly, many pets go missing every year and heart-broken owners never find them. We also recommend that you micro-chip your pets, and keep your details updated with the micro-chip company. Any pet that is found by a vet or shelter will be scanned for a micro-chip. This increases the chances of finding missing pets and bringing them back home.

Above all, dogs are all about their relationship with you. They will love you unconditionally and will be your loyal friend. Treat them well, devote precious time to them and show them love. It will lead to an enriching relationship for you and your beloved pooch.

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