Feeding your Cold Water Fish

It is essential to provide the correct nourishment for your fish, and when buying fish food you need to consider the different types of fish that you have in your tank.

Fish fall into three general categories; top swimmers, middle swimmers and bottom dwellers. They each require different food types in order to remain healthy.

Here are some examples of the different types of food available:

Fish flakes:
These can be used for your top swimmers. However, flakes do not always contain all the nourishment needed to keep your fish healthy and happy.

Dried pellets come in two forms; Floating pellets which are good for top swimmers and sinking pellets which are great for bottom dwellers.

Fish food tablets sink and dissolve, so they can be used for different fish types

Frozen fish food is both a very good, and popular food, as it is a food source found in your fishes’ natural habitat, an example being Tubifex worms. Remember to defrost frozen foods prior to feeding.

Always take into consideration, that although you may be buying the best food for your fish i.e. HIGH QUALITY, they can also become bored if given the same food all the time, therefore, variety is a necessity in their diet.

Do not overfeed your fish, check the instructions on the fish food label.

Please ask our friendly in-store assistants to help you find the most appropriate and nourishing food for your fish.

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