General Tips

When choosing fish ask for assistance to determine which fish are compatible with each other. Fish that school are social and they need other fish of the same species. Make a commitment to keep a number of fish that school and make sure that your tank is big enough to house the fish you choose. Do not over-populate a tank.

When choosing the placement for your tank, take these factors into consideration:

  • Make sure that you place the tank stand on a sturdy surface and take into consideration that it will be heavier with the gravel and water etc.
  • DO NOT make any loud or sudden noises around the tank
  • Choose a place that is not a thoroughfare and is relatively quiet
  • DO NOT place the tank in direct sunlight as this will exacerbate algae growth
  • Choose a place that is draught-free and where the temperature does not fluctuate
  • Place your tank near a power supply

Other general tips:

  • Always clean your hands and rinse them thoroughly before inserting them into the tank water
  • DO NOT use aerosols or fragrances around your tank, as they can be fatal to your fish
  • DO NOT place anything in the tank (no matter how pretty) that you have picked up on or around other natural waters, these could pose as dangers to the health of your tank and fish
  • DO NOT place anything sharp or any metal of any kind in the tank
  • Ensure you have a “quarantine tank”, with its’ own heater and filter and net for any ill or new fish

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