Guide and Maintenance for Tropical Fish

Not everyone lives in a space where they can have furry friends and some, just prefer fish.When thinking about getting fish, you need to take into consideration that they need just as much attention as furry creatures. Fish need daily, weekly and monthly care.

Not all tropical fish can be housed together and it is important to know which fish are schooling fish as they need to be kept in numbers. Social fish need other fish of the same species.

Environmental / Habitat maintenance
Due to the reduced environment in a tank, you should clean your tank at least every fortnight.

Here are some guidelines regarding maintaining a healthy tank for your fish:

  • Clean the algae off the glass of the tank by using a magnetic glass pad or acrylic pad, depending on your tank walls
  • Make sure to clean the outside and lid of the tank
  • Syphon out at least 10 – 20% of the water; if you have sickly fish then 30 – 50% would be preferable. Never completely clean out all the water as there are loads of very beneficial bacteria in the water, which maintain the health of your tank
  • Syphon the gravel at the bottom of the tank to remove waste and any excess food left by the fish
  • Remove the ornaments from the tank and either clean the algae off with clean water or if there is a lot of algae (due to over-feeding or excess nutrients in the water), boil them in water and air-dry them before replacing them in the tank
  • Remove all decaying matter from the plants and make sure that you only leave healthy plant life in the tank
  • Check the filter system and materials and clean and replace materials ONLY if necessary (once a month), as there are good bacteria which need to be kept in your tank in order to maintain a healthy environment for your fish
  • Check the pH and ammonia levels in your tank
  • Re-fill the tank with fresh, *conditioned, chlorine-free water; DO NOT over-fill the tank, as you need to leave space for the fish to have oxygen, carbon-dioxide exchange

*Consult our in-store assistants on which conditioner to use for your tank size and fish

Schedule your cleaning to:


  • Look at your tank and make sure that your fish are healthy. If they are gasping at the top of the tank or swimming abnormally it indicates they are unhealthy. Droopy, torn or frayed fins, lesions and fluffy looking scales as well as any substance on the body, may indicate disease.
  • Make sure that all the equipment in the tank is in working order
  • Get rid of any debris, dead plants or dead fish

Every Two Weeks

  • Perform the water change of about 20%
  • Clean the glass, lid and tank lights
  • Clean the inside of the tank, gravel and ornaments
  • Test the water pH and ammonia levels
  • Refill your tank

Every Month

  • Check if you need any supplies
  • Maintain your filters

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