Advice on Leaving your Puppy Home Alone

It is agonising for most new owners to have to leave their new puppies home alone, but unfortunately most of us have to go to work and make a living. Puppies may experience separation anxiety, which could lead to nuisance barking or whining and which may upset your neighbours. It could also lead to unpleasant surprises and chewed furniture.If you are going to be out all day it is important that you include your puppy in your usual morning routine. Make time for feeding, nurturing and play. Walk your pup first thing in the morning or have a rigorous play out in the garden, before leaving for work. The last thing you want is an anxious and hyperactive puppy, as this could be a recipe for disaster. If possible, pop in during lunchtime to spend time with your puppy or ask a friend or neighbour to help out. Puppies get lonely and possibly, destructive if they are left alone for long stretches during the day.

When you first bring your puppy home, it is advisable to spend as much time with them as possible to settle them into their new family and household routine. To introduce separation to your pup and avoid unnecessary anxiety, start leaving your puppy on their own, for just few minutes and then return, without making a big deal or fuss of your coming and going. By slowly increasing the separation time, your pup will become accustomed to you leaving, as you have reassured him\her you will always return.

Give your puppy plenty of toys to keep them stimulated while you are away. Chew toys are a great idea to keep their demanding little jaws busy. There is an extensive range of toys designed to stimulate your pup; some include toys which have treats hidden inside them, which will keep your puppy happy for hours as he\she figures out a way to get the yummy reward.

A companion for your puppy is another option. Many people are inclined to believe that two dogs are happier than one. This is really a personal choice and should be investigated as this comes with obvious pros and cons.

Remember to always make sure that your puppy is left in a safe area. Ensure that your little pooch has adequate shelter from the heat, cold or rain and is left with enough food and water.