Choosing the Correct Kennel

Dogs are pack animals and thrive on the companionship of their family. We, therefore, strongly recommend that your dog spends most of their time with their family inside the house and that they sleep indoors with you. Sadly, a dog that is banished outside to the backyard is usually forgotten and deprived of human companionship, which will lead to many behavioural problems. Trained correctly, your pooch will be a wonderful companion to you and your children and will be a joy inside your home.Dogs are better watch-dogs when they are kept inside. Dogs are very protective of their territory and will bark the moment they hear something out of the ordinary, to alert you. You will hear these alerts much easier if your dog is inside with you. Outside-dogs are vulnerable to poisoning and will also create lots of false-alarm barking; probably out of boredom. Barking outside-dogs will also cause friction with your neighbours, so all round an inside dog is better for everyone, not just your pooch.

We cannot spend every waking moment with our dogs inside and so we need to create shelter for our dogs when they are outside. Most of us go out to work each day and we need to make sure that our beloved pups are left with the necessary shelter while we are away.

A kennel is a great solution if you don’t have an outside room or covered patio to act as a shelter for your pooch. A kennel will provide shelter from sun, wind, rain and cold and will be a comforting refuge to your pup while you are out.

There are basically two types of kennels; the traditional wooden ones and the modern plastic ones. Both of these have pros and cons and you would need to decide which one is best suited for your pup and his needs.

Wooden kennels have better insulation than the plastic ones, but can be difficult to clean and are heavy to move. It’s advisable to get a wooden kennel that has a hinged roof, as this makes cleaning much easier.

The modern plastic kennels are lightweight yet, strong, durable and ventilated. They, however, do not have the same amount of insulation as the wooden ones.

Important info on your kennel:

  • The kennel must be big enough for your adult dog to be able to stand up, turn around and stretch without touching the sides. However, it shouldn’t be too big as your pooch will not be able to retain his body heat in it
  • Kennels need to be waterproof and elevated off the ground to avoid water and cold seeping in
  • Position is key. The kennel needs to be in a place that is warm in winter and cool in summer or it can be moved according to the seasons
  • It must be well sheltered and out of draughts and direct sunlight in summer
  • Place your kennel close to the house so your pup doesn’t feel like he’s being kicked out of the “pack” when he goes into his kennel