Essential Puppy Kit

Here’s a list of important items you’ll need when taking your puppy home for the first time:

  • A Soft, warm and comfortable bed. You made need a second one for when your pup is outside. Blankets, for your doggy bed.
  • A kennel, if there isn’t adequate shelter for your pup outside.
  • Good quality food which is age and breed-size appropriate.
  • Solid bowls for food and water. Make sure that your puppy can comfortably eat from them.
  • Good quality dog treats will make puppy training a breeze.
  • Puppy absorbent training pads to assist with toilet training.
  • A crate; which can be useful in toilet training, as well as providing a den for your puppy.
  • Odour neutraliser and stain remover, for those accidents that will happen.
  • A collar and leash or harness. A soft, comfortable collar is recommended for your puppy. Make sure to get an identification tag attached to the collar with your details on it.
  • Playthings and chewable toys. There is a vast array of specially designed toys to keep your puppy stimulated and to give them something to chew on, other than your shoes. Rotate a few toys to prevent boredom.
  • A poop-scoop / poop bags and holder. You definitely want to be armed with the correct tools for the clean-ups.
  • Grooming tools; shampoo, eye and ear cleaners, brush, nail clippers, toothbrush and specially formulated pet toothpaste.
  • Anti-chew spray.
  • A car harness or a crate big enough to transport them in.
  • Dewormer, tick and flea treatment
  • Don’t forget to visit your Veterinarian to have your puppy’s’ heath assessed and to get his\her essential vaccinations.