Exercising your Puppy

We all know that exercise is the cornerstone of health for the whole family and this includes our dogs. It is important to introduce exercise in stages to your pup, as they don’t initially have the muscle strength to go out for a run with you. Use your common sense and watch your pup; don’t push them too far too quickly.Exercise your puppy daily, it’s good for their health and great for stimulating them. Also, remember that a bored or under-stimulated puppy can be destructive, so tuckering them out every day is a good idea. A couple of short, gentle walks per day are better than just one big walk.

Walking your puppy is a great way for them to socialise with people and other dogs. We recommend that you take your pup to a safe environment, like a dog park and let him off the leash to explore. The dog park is a wonderful place for dogs, full of exciting smells and places to explore. They will also socialise with other dogs and will soon learn appropriate dog behaviour.

Playing with your pooch is pivotal. Make use of our extensive range of dog toys like the ball launcher or fetch-type toys. Play is extremely entertaining and fun for you both, as well as a wonderful bonding experience for you and your beloved pup.

Remember to keep your puppy hydrated. Most dog parks have water bowls for the dogs, but carry water for your pooch with you. If you see your puppy panting, stop and offer him some water. Also remember that walking on hot surfaces, such as cement or tar can damage your puppy’s paw pads.