Indulging your Puppy with Treats

Puppy treats are a great way for you to show your puppy affection and they are fantastic as training aids.

Using treats as a training aid is effective in positive reinforcement training; your puppy will come to understand that their good behaviour will be rewarded with yummy treats. Teaching your puppy to sit while holding a treat near them will be very enticing. Their sense of smell is incredible and they will learn that the yummy, smelly object held near their nose will be a delicious reward if they do as their owner commands. Using treats in training is most effective between meals. A puppy who has a full tummy will not be as excited as one that is only due a meal in a couple of hours.

It is imperative to give your puppy a well-balanced and healthy diet. Make sure that you don’t over-do giving them treats. There are a myriad of puppy treats available, so like anything in life, use your common sense when choosing treats for your puppy. Look at the ingredients listed in the treats, the more natural the better. Ask your veterinarian to recommend treats. They will administer the best nutritional advice for your puppy.

Be careful not to give table scraps as treats to your pup, human food can be very bad for dogs. Above all, do not give your puppy or dog chocolate. No matter how excited they are at the thought of it, it can be toxic to dogs and can make them very ill.