Playing with your Pup – Puppy Toys

Play is essential for puppies. It entertains and stimulates them. A bored puppy can be very destructive, so spend precious time with your puppy playing. It is a wonderful bonding opportunity for you and your pooch. We have an extensive range of puppy toys in-store, so ask one of our friendly assistants to advise you on which puppy toys to choose.Types of puppy toys:

  • Snuggle toys; soft stuffed animals to keep a lonely puppy company
  • Chew toys; your puppy will chew naturally as a reaction to his adult teeth pushing through his gums. Chew toys will help alleviate the pain associated with teething and provide him with alternative chew items, other than your shoes or furniture
  • Interactive toys; by hiding treats inside these toys, you provide stimulation to your puppy as he figures out how to get to the treats
  • Dental toys; these toys make cleaning teeth fun
  • Bonding toys; these are the tug toys, chase toys and fetch toys (the crucial ingredient that goes with these toys is you)

Good reasons to use puppy toys:

Puppy toys can be used for training. Some puppies have no interest in treats, so a favourite toy at playtime can be a great reward for these puppies during training sessions.

Puppies explore the world by putting everything in their mouths. So, to protect your hands, feet and shoes, give your puppy appropriate chew toys.

Puppies will dig, so save your garden by providing puppy with a dedicated digging area. Plastic shells are great as sandpits, as well as portable pools. Hide treats and toys in the sandpit and encourage your puppy to find them.

Safety first

  • Make sure that the toys that you give your puppy are safe.
  • Choose toys that are appropriate for his size.
  • Make sure that the toy cannot be torn apart into small pieces, which may be swallowed.
  • Pack away all string, ribbon, rubber bands and children’s toys, as these can easily be swallowed and pose a choking hazard.

Your puppy’s hunting instinct may drive him to hunt for the squeaker inside the squeaky toy. Be careful that their play with these toys is supervised, so as to avoid them ingesting the small squeaking mechanism.

Have a range of puppy toys and rotate them weekly, so as to avoid your puppy becoming bored, but refrain from removing snuggle toys which your puppy finds comforting.

Enjoy life’s simple pleasures, like playing with your pooch. Dogs can teach us many lessons about the pursuit of joy, remembering to make play an important part of your life, one of them.