Puppy’s First Night at Home

Puppy’s’ first day at home will be filled with much excitement for him\her and the family. By the time bedtime arrives your puppy will be tuckered out from the adventure of the day. It is important to decide where your pup will sleep from the first night and you need to be consistent with this. It is tempting to put your furry little bundle in your bed, but do you eventually want a grown dog sleeping with you?

Puppies are social creatures and up until now have slept with their mother and siblings, so it’s important to make their new bed as cosy as possible, so they feel safe and secure.

Some puppies will be perfectly fine but others may whine through the night and try leave their bed. If the pup leaves their bed, gently but firmly correct them and put them back in the bed, using the command “stay”. Puppy training starts from day one!

Put your crate or doggy bed close to you, so your pup knows you are close by. When using the crate, put the bed inside the crate and cover the top and sides with a blanket leaving the front open. You can make use of a hot water bottle (with warm, not hot water) and cover well with towels, placing this in their bed. This will remind them of their mother’s warmth; a ticking clock will remind them of her heartbeat and soothe any anxiety. A snuggle toy is a good idea for your puppy, it will take away the feeling of isolation.

Take your puppy to the toilet before bed. Puppies’ bladders are small, so it’s advisable to set your alarm every two to three hours in the beginning to take your puppy outside, to the toilet. This may seem like hard work, but it will be worth it. After a few days, stretch the time between toilet visits. Doing this consistently, they will eventually be able to make it through the night. This method is very helpful in house training your dog. Take puppy out to the toilet first thing in the morning. Remember, no matter how well you follow these steps, there will always be accidents in the beginning, so be prepared for them.

In the morning, after a successful night of puppy sleeping in their bed, let them know what a good puppy they were. Positive reinforcement is key in puppy training.