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chemistry school

Chemistry & Description
Low pH
High pH
Calcium Hardness
The total mineral content in your water
An unstable colourless liquid with a pungent odour, made by the reaction of Sodium Hypochlorite and Ammonia
Copper Treatment
Copper is an amazing algaecide, used as a water treatment in pools.
(CYA) Cyanuric Acid
Stabiliser – is a sunscreen that protects your chlorine from being dissolved by UV rays (the sun)
FCL (Free Chlorine)
The available chlorine that can work within your water
Fiberglass pH
Fiberglass is optimal at pH of 6.8 – 7.2
An agent that binds particles together weighing them down, thus settling them at the bottom of the pool. Useful for cleaning as it lets manual and / or APC suction clean the settled debris.

plumbing school

Plumbing Terms & Description
The re-entry point of water back to your pool. Also used for directing water flow around your pool.
Aimflow Diverter
A Water director for your Aimflow (can select accurately where your water is directed on re-entry)
A plant, not dangerous but looks terrible
Automatic Pool Cleaner
Cartridge Filter
A Paper Filter that cleans 20 micron
A device that turns Salt into Chlorine
Chlorinator PC Board
The PC within your Chlorinator that carries out your instructions
DB Board
Your Electrical switch board for your pump.
Diaphragm *Picture*
The mode of suction for Diaphragm cleaners. There are different designs for different cleaners.
Water cleaned through a medium – pools

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