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Plumbing Terms & Description

The re-entry point of water back to your pool. Also used for directing water flow around your pool.

Aimflow Diverter
A Water director for your Aimflow (can select accurately where your water is directed on re-entry)

A plant, not dangerous but looks terrible

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Cartridge Filter
A Paper Filter that cleans 20 micron

A device that turns Salt into Chlorine

Chlorinator PC Board
The PC within your Chlorinator that carries out your instructions

DB Board
Your Electrical switch board for your pump.

Diaphragm *Picture*
The mode of suction for Diaphragm cleaners. There are different designs for different cleaners.

Water cleaned through a medium – pools either have Cartridge, sand or D.E.

The mode of suction hammer cleaners use

Hose Cuff *Picture*
An attachment for your hoses to fit into an accessory.

The ‘Multiport Valve’ is the selection handle located on your sand filter.

MPV Option Backwash:
This is to clean your sand, used every 1-2 weeks for optimal cleaning capabilities

MPV Option Bypass / Circulate:
This bypasses your filter, often used when your filter is broken or to check suction compared to when ‘filter option’ is selected.

MPV Option Closed:
This closes off your Filter, used for when changing your filter medium

MPV Option Filter:
This opens your filter to the pool and allows your water to be filtered.

MPV Option Rinse:
This rinses your filter medium, used after ‘backwash’ for added cleaning & to resettle sand.

MPV Option Waste:
This pumps water from your pool down the drain, used when draining your pool

Open System Backwash:
Like a ‘backwash option’ but you open your filter lid. This lets all the gunk spill from the top rather than down the drain. It works a lot more efficiently than a ‘backwash options’, saves water and is quite messy.

Pool Timer
An electrical clock that switches your pump / system on at a certain time and then off at another.

Regulator Valve
An essential part of a pool cleaner that connects the Weir Vac Lid to the APC’s suction pipes. It acts as a bleed off valve if suction becomes too great for APC. As a safety net in which if anything gets caught and restricts flow in the APC, it will suck water from the regulator valve saving your pump.

Sand Filter
Uses Silicon Sand or a Zeolite medium to trap dirt. Cleans 20-50 micron

Suction Leak
Air is penetrating your suction line reducing pressure and filtration

The Pool Trade Off
When a specific Item is added onto your system, something else is sacrificed in turn. eg: Leaf catcher system on the Aimflow sacrifices your waters circulation.

Where the water exits the pool to go through the filter

Weir Basket
The Basket in your weir that collects debris (first line of defense)