Black Algae

Black Algae Troubleshooting

  • Poor Filtration – That’s why it always comes back!
  • Black Algae spores are large enough to be removed by efficient filtration. If filtration is sub-optimal spores accumulate either in ‘dead’ spots or where surfaces are pitted (age). Effective Filtration blocks spores at the filter.
  • Insufficient Chemical treatment and incorrect pH.

Black Algae Troubleshooting

  • Test water using test strips or reagents (older kits) to check pH, and correct as instructed.
  • Brush pool with a stiff bristle brush.
  • Treat pool with Shock or Algaecide as per product instruction.

Black Spot Checklist:

1. Check & Review Filtration

  • Backwash and check clarity of water.
  • Check baskets and are clean and that pump pressure is sufficient.
  • Set pump to run 12 hrs in summer and 8 hours in winter.
  • Check that there are no suction leaks.

2. Buy a strong STIFF BRISTLE BRUSH.

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