Cloudy or Milky Water

Coudy Water Troubleshooting

Q: Are pH, Total Alkalinity & Calcium Hardness ALL normal?
Incorrect chemistry can result in cloudy water.

Q: Just Treated your Pool for Algae?
Dead Algae blooms are grey & can turn water Cloudy until they are filtered away.

Q: Have you just had heavy rain or Thunderstorm Activity?
Rain (especially electric storms) deposits Nitrogen in pools. It’s a Fertilizer – so Algae loves it! Cloudiness may indicate early algae bloom.

Q: Just had more dust than a Camel Derby?
Fine suspended particles reduce clarity & neutralise chemicals.

Q: Had a pool party?
A sweaty, oily crowd will overload your chemistry.

Q: Water Test OK? Been having clear, sunny skies? Had few swimmers? Your problem could be filtration:

  • Filter Medium may be exhausted,
  • Poor Circulation
  • Pump Pressure sub-optimal

Cloudy Water Troubleshooting

  • Test water using test strips or reagents (older kits) to check pH, and correct as instructed.
  • Add a Flocculent as instructed.
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