Mustard Algae

Mustard Algae Troubleshooting

  • Elevated water temperatures are conducive to Mustard Algae blooms – typically on walls.
  • More resistant to chlorine than ordinary blooms, Mustard Algae troubleshooting treatment requires extra attention to pH correction and more aggressive chemical treatment.

Mustard algae Troubleshooting

Chlorine Lock Checklist:

  • Test Water using fresh reagents (older kits) or INSTA-TEST™ 6-in-1 test strips then follow the Guru Guidelines for the full fix.
  • Clean all scrubs/pool accessories scrubbing off any Mustard spores. Then place onto pool steps.
  • Rinse and brush pool perimeter. Remembering to push all used water into the pool. (Mustard Algae also lives outside of water).
  • We then suggest either Super-Chlorinate or use an Algaecide

Check & Review your filtration:

  • Backwashed/Cleaned?
  • Medium Still fresh?
  • Baskets all clear?
  • Pressure ok?
  • Hours long enough for the season?[/li
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