Stains on Pool Surfaces

Pool Stains Troubleshooting

SA Water (even urban municipal) is highly mineralised and may contain elevated levels of various metal.

  • ‘pH Bounce’ (Low to High) can cause suspended metals to come out of solution and deposit on pool surfaces.
  • Pools filled by BORE HOLES are at elevated risk of metal precipitation (Even without ‘pH bounce’ as a trigger)

Pool Stains Troubleshooting

The only guaranteed solution to metal staining is to empty your pool and have it ‘Acid Washed’ by a pro. But there are DIY fixes you may wish to try before parting with your hard earned moolah. Here they are:

WHOLE pool stained:

  • Add Metal Remover
  • Add sufficient hydrochloric acid to lower pH to 6 or below. At a point pH will be low enough to bring metal deposits back into solution where the Metal Remover will keep it suspended as pH is readjusted to normal.
  • To readjust pH in FIBERGLASS pools, use Alkalinity Increaser. For MARBLITE pools use Soda Ash.

PATCHES of staining on WALLS:

  • Add Metal Remover
  • With pump OFF and still water, pour either hydrochloric acid or dry acid granules down the wall directly over stained area and leave for a while, checking regularly for improvement. If successful, the metal deposits will dissolve back into solution where the Metal Remover will keep it suspended.

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