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Chlorinator / Electrode

The trick to a long life cell is:

1. Always have Salt

When the red light is on, mostly it means you must ‘Add salt’. If you run without salt, it will damage your cell. 5ppm is Ideal.

2. Keep it clean!

  • Only non self cleaning models: To remove any calcium build up use a solution of 10:1 water to acid
  • Only self cleaning models: Run your pump at equal intervals during the day. This insures your Chlorinater has equal amount of time to clean itself eg: Morning 5 hours – left, Evening 5 hours – right.

3. Dont overload

Use a model more than adequate for the size of your pool. A 50,000L Chlorination system is Ideal for 40 – 45,000L

Salt Chlorinators and Chlorination Cells are expensive and sensitive. We suggest going to your nearest Pool Shop or Service Man for more advice